Graphic Design

We can handle any of your graphic needs such as: logo creation, banners, brochures, signs, business cards, presentation folders and more.

We’ll work with you to support and guide your visions and take you where you want to go.


There’s an endless list of possibilities when it comes to designing your brochure – from the standard A4 to lots of interesting and engaging formats. Working with Toast to design your brochure will ensure a great outcome.

Business cards

Business cards should be a conversation starter – something to be kept and acted on. Don’t let your cards let you down when it’s so easy to make something great!

Logo design

Logo is the visual identity of the brand that customers trust – whenever customers are making any purchase decision, business logo will help you to stand out from the competitors and motivate them to take decision in favour of your brand

Folder design

Presentation Folders are a must-have for the majority of marketing departments, and are ideal for holding company letters, brochures, inserts or documents.